Calgary Bathroom Renovation

New, modern sink installation

In this stunning Calgary bathroom renovation, we transformed a small, dark ensuite bathroom into a sleek, modern oasis with low-profile fixtures, seamless floors, zero-entry shower, linear drain and custom vent covers. Additionally, drywall was replaced by glass panels, allowing for a translucent wall that brightens up the small space by letting the ambient light in.

Every inch of the bathroom renovation was carefully considered, for which we credit Sturgess Architecture. Due to their design, we were able to maximize space, resulting in an efficient, modern, functional ensuite bathroom.

New glass wall

The biggest transformation was on the outside wall. We removed drywall and replaced it with glass, thus allowing lots of light to enter the small bathroom. As a result, the illusion of space was created.

Modern shower

No bathroom renovation is complete without an updated shower, and this renovation does not disappoint. First of all, we removed the shower bench and curb, and then moved the plumbing and drain to the other side of the room. After the room was waterproofed, an enclosed shower was replaced by a single glass panel. The glass panel design choice allowed the small space to open up and offer the illusion of spaciousness.

Updated toilet and custom vent

We replaced an old toilet was with an elegant one. Instead of standard venting, we created a custom engraved tile vent. Rather than risking the beauty of the seamless new floor, the vent became artwork.

New sink and vanity

In addition, the old, standard vanity was replaced by a custom sink and low-profile vanity that extends across the wall. Another design trick to enlarge the space was installing mirrors on the entirety of the vanity’s wall.

Updated, modern bathroom renovation

In conclusion, this is one of our best projects. Take a moment to browse the rest of the photos for this stunning bathroom renovation.

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