Calgary Roofing Job

The new roof with proper venting and quality workmanship

For this Calgary roofing job, the pictures say it all:

Calgary Roofing Job

An old, worn-out roof was in need of replacement, and CCR Creative Renovations was ready to do some top-notch, quality work. Consequently, we installed a brand new roof with proper underlayment and venting.

To begin, we removed the old shingles and flashing, and swept things up. After we pulled up all the old nails, we had a clean slate for the new, quality roof.

We rolled out new underlayment and installed flashing. Unfortunately, the previous roof did not have adequate venting. Of course, we don’t take any shortcuts. The job needs to be done right. We added sufficient venting, thus prolonging the life of the roof. Finally, we nailed down shingles from bottom to top, and sealed up the edges.

Long story short, we had a great time climbing ladders and getting a good view of the neighbourhood.


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