Calgary Apartment Complex Renovation

Before and After photos of a renovated kitchen

Here’s a story about a restoration and improvement renovation. This Calgary apartment complex was outdated and suffering. We ripped out the old and installed the new, thus making apartments we’d feel comfortable living in.

Stair Restoration

The carpeted stairs were worn out. We ripped out the old carpet, cleaned up and restored the stairs, and installed quality, planked flooring. Thankfully, the new material is not only durable, but also attractive, functional and easy to clean.

New Flooring Throughout

The hallway had some real tired carpet in it. We ripped up the carpet, cleaned up and replaced subfloor as needed and installed nice planked flooring throughout.

The old tiled floor in the kitchen, as well as the worn carpet in the rest of the apartment, got the same treatment. Out with the old, in with the quality. The new flooring is durable, easy to clean, and looks great.

Fixed Electrical

Some of the existing electrical left something to be desired. Of course, no cutting corners is allowed when we’re on the job. We fixed things up so it was done right. In the end, those wires were safe and looked a whole lot better than when we arrived.

New Kitchen

New cabinets, countertops, sink and backsplash gave the apartments’ kitchens a much needed facelift. We added additional cabinets and counter space to the small kitchens to improve their functionality.

Improved Bathroom

The previous bathroom sinks showcased their plumbing–which wasn’t very attractive. We installed new sinks (this time with vanities) and put in towel bars. The new bathrooms have improved functionality, and they’re a whole lot prettier.

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