Gull Lake Home Renovation

Completed Gull Lake kitchen renovation

This renovation started off as a bathroom renovation, but while we were there the project expanded and we ended up doing the whole home!



We gutted the bathroom to the studs, and removed existing storage to make room for a larger tub. The new tub was insulated in order to hold the heat in for those longer baths. The toilet was relocated, as its previous location was too far from the back wall, and too close to the old vanity. We added in-floor radiant heat, including a touch screen thermostat for optimal control and comfort. A new, larger exhaust fan was installed from 80 to 110 cfm, which included a humidity sensing switch for controlled exhausting. Old poly B supply lines were removed and changed out to new pex lines.


New pull out, full extension, soft-close storage was added to the area behind the tub. Ultra slim LED pot lights were installed in the bath tub, which included a dimmer for total lighting control. The new vanity also comes with full extension and soft close bottom drawers, and soft close hinges on the doors.



To start, the kitchen was rewired for 20 amp circuits, counter plugs, microwave, built-in dishwasher and fridge. Plumbing was also redone for under the sink and dishwasher. The previous cabinets were pulled out and a mix of modern and rustic cabinets replaced them. And, of course, proper venting was installed.

The kitchen floor got a big facelift. As always, attention to detail came first and foremost. The existing hardwood was cut back to the edge of the archway (it used to terminate in the middle of the arch). The new flooring that was installed and made flush with the existing flooring, thus eliminating the need for transitions. Reno T was used to eliminate lippage.


The new kitchen boasts modern finishes, while staying warm and inviting. High contrast upper white cabinets look great next to the black backsplash, and seamlessly links in with the knotty alder wood cabinets below. The kitchen now has cabinets running along three walls, thus boasting plenty of storage while still leaving room for a cosy dining table in the centre.

A simple black tile backsplash was continued around the window, thus creating a frame; however, mosaic accents were added within the frame to make it stand out.

Not to miss any details, the cabinets themselves have some hidden gems: A unique trash can cabinet also hides a pull-out drawer. Additionally, the pantry cabinet beside the fridge has 4 pull-out, full-extension storage drawers for ease of organizing.



We took out old cabinets, and patched up the walls. Then we put in in-floor radiant head (including a touch screen thermostat for comfort control), and a new tiled floor.


The new laundry room includes new cabinets made of knotty alder. To keep with the rustic look of the house and feel of the location, we custom made shelving, coat hooks and a bench for the mudroom/laundry room area.


This alcove contains a wood-burning stove that provides heat and comfort. To start the project, we dropped the ceiling and made it flush. Due to the heat of the wood-burning stove, a fire rating was required for the area. Thus, we framed in the area with steel furring channel and cement board. Further, the area was vented. The vented air space works like an air pump by pulling cold air off the floor and circulating it through the custom made grills at the top of the alcove. We used the same black tile in the alcove as was used in the laundry room and main bathroom. Finally, the surrounding flooring was repaired and details added to make the flooring symmetrical on both sides.

Living Room

We relocated the TV from the middle of the room to the side of the room. This of course included creating a heavy-duty mounts for the TV to rest on.

Powder Room

Space for the powder room was limited, but that didn’t stop us from making a functional bathroom. We installed a very small vanity and to maximize space, we installed laminated shelves.

The tile used to finish off the vanity was cut from the main shower. A leftover piece of character tile (used in the main shower) contains hidden detail for the wandering eye. We added in some of the leftover black tile from the main bath, breaking up the white of the vanity, sink and cabinets with a strip of dark.

Electrical Panel

Rather than have an ugly electrical panel on display, we built a custom cabinet to cover it up. We further maximized the space by putting a small counter top below it to create a desk.

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